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The Integrated Marketing Communication Conference (IMC Conference) is a one day, content packed event with a central theme focused on using different combinations of communication disciplines (i.e. Advertising, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, etc.) in synergy, with the purpose of delivering the right message to the desired audience.

The conference aims to find a balance between educating, entertaining and engaging the delegates, giving them first-hand, case-study exposure to the most innovative IMC trends. From this, delegates will be able to select the tools which they feel can be best implemented to suit their marketing communication strategies.

What makes the IMC Conference unique?

Having a unique competitive advantage is what positions a brand as a leader in its industry, and what makes this marketing conference appealing is its selection of speakers, unique format and customisation feature.

The IMC Conference is divided into two sections: Keynote Presentations. Keynotes will be presented by top industry speakers selected from various communication backgrounds, who will share case studies highlighting their experiences in the industry.

A new feature will see content being built around the delegates prior the events whereby when delegates register, key takeouts of what they would like to extract from the events will be used as market research. Selected speakers will then centre their presentations based on the what the delegates want to hear.

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