Theme and Schedule Evaluate. Consolidate. Integrate.

Choice and change can be overwhelming. The rapid innovation of our connected worlds and shifting attitudes, coupled with strained trading environments, make planning for the future a daunting task for marketers.

Our IMC Conference themed “Evaluate. Consolidate. Integrate” will help marketers to:

  • Take stock of the countless channels to market;
  • Understand and apply the power of integration;
  • Create seamless customer experiences;
  • Promote consistent messaging;
  • Effectively use their box of marketing tools and opportunities, and
  • Future proof their plans for 2018 and beyond.

This conference will bring together a line-up of the industry’s top minds and solution providers sharing their insights, experiences and pragmatic approaches to marketing in a new age.

It’s about fast facts and inside tracks; sharing influential views on exciting opportunities, challenges and hot-button trends; it’s about embracing emerging marketing spaces in South Africa and the continent of Africa.

The sub-themes for conference will include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Digital Marketing Technologies
  4. Digital Disruption
  5. eCommerce & Inbound Marketing
  6. Content & Reputation  Management
  7. Consumer Insights
  8. Creative & Big Idea Creation
  9. Influencer Marketing

Let’s evaluate, consolidate and integrate.  Let’s go beyond the predictable.


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  • All Marketing members need to attend this event, it is informative and motivates you.  Thanks for the great workshops. Lizelle Strydom General Manager - Megavision Media (Pty) Ltd
  • The IMC Conference is the pinnacle of marketing conferences in South Africa. A must attend event for all marketing decision makers. Mike Stopforth CEO - Cerebra
  • Attending the 2014 IMC conference in Johannesburg is probably the best decision i've made all year. A professionally crafted event with Insightful and stimulating speakers & content. Looking out for the next one! Caroline Mavuti Brand Manager - Kenolkobil Group
  • Best space to interact and share dynamics in industry learning and understanding the whats new. Yase Godlo Manager - Nelson Mandela Foundation
  • Definitely an event all marketers should attend. I gained some deep and thought-provoking insight. Well Done to the IMC team! Neo Radise Digital Marketing Manager - Momentum
  • Every marketing professional should budget to attend the IMC Conference. The two day experience is expertly organized while the knowledge and practical application gained from carefully chosen leaders in the field is invaluable! Claudia Handschuh Marketing Manager - Camelot Group
  • From the IMC Conference, my take out is that I need to have a continuously inquiring mind as I work on brands in order to get fresh insights. What I need to focus on is getting an understanding of the brand problem so as to address it instead of the brief. This means that I need to collaborate with my Clients to deliver truly integrated campaigns that are brave. Enoch Vanderpuye Account Director - Innova DDB Ghana
  • I think it was well organized, precise and engaging. Well done team! Refilwe Matlheketlha Head of Marketing - MWEB Business
  • IMC JHB 2014 was a thoroughly informative and insightful conference which helped focus and highlight key areas of Integrated Marketing  that drive results. I will definitely attend again. Matthew Bremmer Marketing Co-ordinator - University of Johannesburg
  • This was my first IMC experience and I must say it definitely rates as a top class marketing conference.  It was absolutely worth flying to jHB for and I highly recommend IMC to anyone who is serious about marketing! Jane Stevenson Director - Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency