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As the Lead Director for Deloitte Digital, Valter leads a diverse team of specialists that create a leading digital ecosystem to assist organisations in understanding and undergoing Digital Transformation, uplifting their Digital Experiences and becoming Digital at the Core, in order to remain viable ad completive in a world of ever changing digital technologies.

He is a corporate entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating new business across a variety of industries. He works with mostly blue chip clients in identifying high value, innovative opportunities, and rapidly commercialising them into viable businesses.

Valter holds an MSc and an MBA. He has been with Deloitte for 8 years and was previously the leader and founding director of Monitor Deloitte, after Deloitte’s acquisition of the Monitor Group. Valter is also the firm’s Innovation Leader and is a member of Deloitte’s Global Innovation Executive Committee.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This digital era that we have entered was recently termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. Having benefit of hindsight we know that these industrial revolutions have previously had a dramatic and notable impact on all businesses and industries, resulting in the elimination of well-established industry stalwarts and creation of new business giants. We have the opportunity to prepare our business to thrive in these tumultuous times.

When one speaks about technological advances, within the above mentioned digital era, and how they might affect jobs in the future, most people immediately think of low-skill jobs in agriculture and manufacturing that get ‘taken away’ by automation. However, the so-called Forth Industrial Revolution is upon us and is being driven by new and exponential technologies that will eventually affect every job level in the labour market. Some very complex types of work that are seemingly destined to remain a human competency will someday be done better by a machine.

Inevitably, the fear is that “my job will get taken away”. But what is important to understand is how technological advancements and innovation ultimately accelerate industries and economies, improve outcomes for consumers and increase prosperity, and how businesses and government should be reacting to take the fullest advantage of the opportunities that arise. Much like Darwin’s aphorism, it will be the workers, organisations, and government that are quickest to adapt to change who will survive the next wave of disruption.

Today the only constant is change and the rate of change is increasing. Our competitors are no longer the traditional large local or multinational corporates. They are agile organisations and entrepreneurs embracing new and exponential technologies to compete and disrupt effectively. The question we have to ask, is how do we, as large, already successful organisations construct a business environment and culture that is quick to recognise these challenges, adapt and innovate effectively and compete successfully in an ever accelerating business environment.

About the keynote address

Valter Adao’s keynote presentation will address the driving forces behind these disruptions, and why, by no coincidence, we are all of sudden experiencing a proliferation of disruptive technologies and start-ups. He will dive into the essence of digital disruptors and why it is important to pay attention to the impact they are having on existing businesses. He explains that digital disruptors go beyond smart phones and apps. True disruptors in the digital era include technologies such as 3D printing, IoT, artificial intelligence, wearables, robotics, sensors and many more.

The concept and difference of linear and exponential businesses is eloquently explained by discussing the characteristics of exponential organisations. This is then aligned to how the concept of digital disruption practically plays out in the market by explaining the concepts of dematerialisation, demonetisation and democratisation. The characteristics of products and services that have a had a rapid uptake by consumers, and explore the important are also unpacked in the context of Virality, Assimilation, Experience and Monetisation.

It is important to note that the presentation is purposefully not tailored around the audience and the industries they represent. This ensures that the thought provoking concepts are firstly acknowledged by the audience without triggering defensive responses. This is done by using examples applicable to other industries to illustrate the principles that guide the disruptive forces ensuring that there’s a clear understanding of the concepts. Valter will then work with the audience to apply the same to their industries by sharing their concerns or citing related examples.

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