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The industry’s most innovative and inspiring speakers are hand-picked to deliver the finest cross-section of relevant content to significantly impact your business’s marketing and communication strategy. Speakers will provide delegates with first-hand, case-study exposure to the most innovative IMC trends, highlighting aspects of their most successful campaigns in order to give a practical view of how these techniques and tools are best implemented.

As an added advantage, delegates will also be given the opportunity to direct a scope of questions to the speakers prior to the conference via Twitter and Facebook.

  • Graham Warsop Founder and Chairman - The Jupiter Drawing Room
    State of the Marketing Opening Address - "The Brave New World of Integrated Marketing Communications" Warsop takes an informed look at the state of integrated marketing today and offers a personal perspective on what the future holds in store. see full profile
  • Richard Mullins MD for Middle East & Africa - Acceleration
    The customer has moved on – have you? The challenge that companies face today, is not the creation of digital channels for client engagement or content. The issue is the creation of customer engagement with a core data... see full profile
  • Lynne Gordon Managing Director - Added Value
    Cultural vibrancy - The new essential insight for growth In an increasingly cluttered brand landscape, growth starts with the ability of your brand to stand out, and create a meaningful connection with consumers. In this new world, the brands... see full profile
  • Yegs Ramiah Executive Head of Brand - Sanlam
    The Two Brand Family Yegs Ramiah, marketing head of Sanlam and Santam, has entrusted both her brands to a single cross-platform agency group, King James Group. She and King James’ founding creative... see full profile
  • James Barty Co-founder and CEO - King James Group
    The Two Brand Family James Barty - Founding Partner of King James Group and Yegs Ramiah - Marketing Head of Sanlam and Santam will deliver a dual keynote presentation; Yegs will explain how she has entrusted... see full profile
  • Enzo Scarcella Chief Marketing Officer - Telkom
    Changing Face of Communication: Getting back to why people buy Digital communication and globalisation have conspired to drive great innovation and efficiency in advertising. But the excitement in the medium has stopped us asking the key question,... see full profile
  • Aidan Baigrie Global Marketing Solutions - Facebook Africa
    How brands should use mobile to market: The role of mobile for brand marketers and the departure from digital to traditional metrics. Marketers need be where people are not where they were. And people in Africa are on mobile. But marketers have not kept up. They historically lacked an effective way to serve mobile ads... see full profile
  • Lebogang Rasethaba Film Director - Arcade Content
    The harmonic intersection between brands and subculture Arcade Content co-founder and director Lebogang Rasethaba will be talking about The Changing Face of Marketing, reflecting on the challenges and benefits of making brand films that... see full profile
  • Nikki Cockcroft Group Head of Online - Woolworths
    Analytics & Measuring Impact Nikki will be covering the role of data in delivering meaningful insight to changing strategies as a result of the connected customer.  This will include the types of data Woolworths... see full profile
  • Ahmed Tilly ECD/CEO - Black River FC
    Will the Black market get this ad? Buying power in the country has shifted into black hands yet, the people marketing to these audiences still haven’t. Research is now the only guiding light. The problem is that... see full profile
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  • All Marketing members need to attend this event, it is informative and motivates you.  Thanks for the great workshops. Lizelle Strydom General Manager - Megavision Media (Pty) Ltd
  • The IMC Conference is the pinnacle of marketing conferences in South Africa. A must attend event for all marketing decision makers. Mike Stopforth CEO - Cerebra
  • Attending the 2014 IMC conference in Johannesburg is probably the best decision i've made all year. A professionally crafted event with Insightful and stimulating speakers & content. Looking out for the next one! Caroline Mavuti Brand Manager - Kenolkobil Group
  • Best space to interact and share dynamics in industry learning and understanding the whats new. Yase Godlo Manager - Nelson Mandela Foundation
  • Definitely an event all marketers should attend. I gained some deep and thought-provoking insight. Well Done to the IMC team! Neo Radise Digital Marketing Manager - Momentum
  • Every marketing professional should budget to attend the IMC Conference. The two day experience is expertly organized while the knowledge and practical application gained from carefully chosen leaders in the field is invaluable! Claudia Handschuh Marketing Manager - Camelot Group
  • From the IMC Conference, my take out is that I need to have a continuously inquiring mind as I work on brands in order to get fresh insights. What I need to focus on is getting an understanding of the brand problem so as to address it instead of the brief. This means that I need to collaborate with my Clients to deliver truly integrated campaigns that are brave. Enoch Vanderpuye Account Director - Innova DDB Ghana
  • I think it was well organized, precise and engaging. Well done team! Refilwe Matlheketlha Head of Marketing - MWEB Business
  • IMC JHB 2014 was a thoroughly informative and insightful conference which helped focus and highlight key areas of Integrated Marketing  that drive results. I will definitely attend again. Matthew Bremmer Marketing Co-ordinator - University of Johannesburg
  • This was my first IMC experience and I must say it definitely rates as a top class marketing conference.  It was absolutely worth flying to jHB for and I highly recommend IMC to anyone who is serious about marketing! Jane Stevenson Director - Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency