Seattle SEO Guru, Rand Fishkin Addresses The Biggest Paradox In Digital Marketing At Heavy Chef. Watch The Video

World Wide Creative’s
 practical learning platform, Heavy Chef had the recent honour of hosting one of digital marketing’s foremost practitioners, Rand Fishkin at its Cape Town studio in Woodstock. Fishkin’s presentation on The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing covered how to identify and overcome the filters that block marketing messages.

Using a gripping analogy from astrophysics, Fishkin illustrated that the greatest challenge faced by digital marketers within an information inundated environment, is becoming “signal rather than noise.” Rand’s presentation provided a number of simple, practical ways to achieve this objective by reaching the right audience, crafting messages to perfection and harnessing the power of early adoption.

According to Rand, “while people’s brains are working hard to filter out the hundreds of thousands of unwanted messages, the marketer’s job is to overcome that galactic scale of information overload and become a signal. The channels, tools and opportunities that are available to marketers for tracking, measuring and improving have advanced massively. But our challenge – to break through the noise – has scaled even faster.”

Rand Fishkin’s presentation includes valuable insights for digital marketers across the board. The video, produced by World Wide Creative, can be viewed here

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What is Heavy Chef all about?

As an initiative of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative, the Heavy Chef project is a platform for practical learning – where South Africa’s digital community collaborates, shares ideas and discusses the latest web marketing news. The name comes from the expression “Never trust a skinny chef” and our aim to learn from Heavy Chefs – in other words, those rare folk who eat their own food, walk the talk and practice what they preach.

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