SA’s top marketing minds at the Cape Town IMC Conference.

12 Keynote Presentations, 2 heated panel discussions, plenty of networking platforms and learning content all packed into one exhilarating day at the White Space in Salt River, Cape Town.

On the 1st of June, the IMC Conference will bring together some of SA’s top marketing minds in the mother city, to share their knowledge and experiences to help the local marketing community. Some to these minds include:

  • Justin Spratt, Head of Business, Sub-Saharan Africa, Uber
  • Abey Mokgwatsane, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy South Africa
  • Brett St Clair, Digital Disruptor, ABSA
  • Fran Luckin, Chief Creative Officer, Grey South Africa
  • Valter Adão, Lead Director/Partner, Deloitte Digital Africa
  • Matthew Barclay, Area Director for Africa, Meltwater

And their topics will include:

Justin Spratt – Seeing Around Corners – Tech Trends in Africa

Justin will give the audience a look at global technology trends that will be sharing the future of Africa. From AI and Machine Learing through to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed realty, the future will reveal many opportunities for those willing to act fast and deal with change.

Valter Adão – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Valter’s keynote presentation will address the driving forces behind these disruptions, and why, by no coincidence, we are all of sudden experiencing a proliferation of disruptive technologies and start-ups. He will dive into the essence of digital disruptors and why it is important to pay attention to the impact they are having on existing businesses. He explains that digital disruptors go beyond smart phones and apps. True disruptors in the digital era include technologies such as 3D printing, IoT, artificial intelligence, wearables, robotics, sensors and many more.

Fran Luckin – You Know That Thing You Just Did? Don’t Do It Again.          

Fran will present on things she learnt the hard way trying to make Integration work in an ad agency. The kind of creative work they did when she started in advertising was drastically different to the kind of work ad agencies do now.

According to Fran “It’s fair to say the job I do now didn’t exist when I was at University. The digital revolution and concomitant rise of Integrated Marketing Communication left adland reeling. I’ve seen all the mistakes – and made too many of them myself. I can’t promise I have the answers. But I do have some awesome scars.”

Matthew Barclay – Tools of Tomorrow’s Marketer:  Automated Anomaly Detection in Big Data

“Big Data”, it’s a buzzword that’s been beaten into submission by marketers, statisticians and data-scientists for years. The reality is that we’re only now beginning to scratch the surface of how to effectively translate the manifold layers of certain data-sets into relevant and actionable insights.