Why traditional marketing conferences are a waste of time.

There are no two ways about it, traditional marketing is taking on a much broader definition in 2019. Worldwide trends show that companies are spending significantly less on traditional marketing channels and upping their spend on other mediums like digital for example. This means marketing decision makers and other players in the industry need to be creating marketing strategies that are holistic in approach.

Digital marketing is no longer just the fluffy, feel-good mode of marketing meant only for millennials stuck to their mobiles. It’s rather a robust and effective form of marketing that should be integrated into an overall marketing campaign to boost bottom line results.

The 2019 Nedbank Marketing Conference will be focussing on what makes traditional marketing tick but will also include deep dives into other areas of 21st century marketing like how digital campaigns can enhance your marketing strategy, the upsurge in e-commerce and simplifying semantics. The theme this year is Marketing Gets Nak*d and the conference promises to strip away the hoopla and fluff out of marketing, simply getting down to the bottom line of how to create significant ROI for your marketing spend.

What will I learn at the IMC Marketing Conference?

The marketing conference in Johannesburg will focus on understanding the business case for how marketing can improve your bottom line in 2019. The agenda is focussed on delivery, no sales pitches or theoretical jargon, just simple, usable knowledge that can be practically put to work in your business.

The conference will be taking on a TED-talk style agenda with over twenty industry experts presenting. With talks like “Youthproof your brand” by Bongani Chinkanda and “Purpose Marketing – is there a purpose to purpose and does it pay?” by Andrea Quaye, it’s guaranteed to be the definitive marketing conference of 2019.

David Duarte, CEO of Treeshake, will be giving the opening address entitled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and what it means for your work, life and the bottom line.” In her keynote address, MD of The Creative Leadership Consultancy, Prof. Elaine Rumboll, will talk to us about bringing playfulness, courage and curiosity into the boardroom for better results.

For a full line-up of the day’s topics and speakers, click here.

Where is the IMC Marketing Conference?

The Nedbank IMC Marketing Conference is set to be the premier marketing conference in South Africa and will take place in the heart of Jozi this year, at Fox Junction in Newtown.

When is the 2019 IMC Marketing Conference?

The jam-packed one-day conference will be taking place on 14 March, 2019. Early bird tickets are available until the end of December. Click here for more information on how to book your spot.

Why should I attend the IMC Marketing Conference?

If you’re a decision maker or marketing influencer, the Nedbank IMC Marketing Conference is the event to attend in order to learn more about how marketing is shaping the future of branding and communication in South Africa.

About IMC Marketing Conference

The Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC) commenced in Cape Town in 2010 and has grown to become Africa’s foremost marketing conference. The most recent conference in February 2018 incorporated over 27 speakers across three marketing categories.  The event was the top trend on twitter in South Africa on the day. Our philosophy is Marketing is Business™.  We are all about connecting marketers and promoting the business case for marketing.

For more information on the Conference or to book you spot, contact IMC now.