Greg Maloka

Culture Activist

Greg Maloka was a founder member and ultimately GM of popular youth radio station YFM. Following his YFM tenure, he partnered at research and trends agency Instant Grass for three years and worked with global clients such as Kimberly Clark, Puma, MTN, South African Breweries and Levi Strauss & Co.  before being head hunted by Kaya FM shareholders.

From 2007 to 2020 Greg served as Managing Director of Kaya FM where his role included the introduction of innovative concepts that took the Kaya business beyond FM radio.

During his tenure at Kaya Greg led a team that consistently grew the revenue and shareholder value of the business and under his leadership, Kaya won Commercial Radio Station of the Year a record four times in five years.

Describing himself as a true ‘Afropolitan’, Greg believes that  Africans of all kinds are shaped by their motherland. As a collector, his love for the arts is not only visible on the walls of his home and office, it is also evident in the many artists he continues to support both personally and professionally.