Warren Moss

Founder & CEO of Demographica

Warren Moss is the founder & CEO of Demographica, a full-service B2B marketing agency, and the most awarded one in Africa. Through Demographica, he consults to some of Africa’s biggest B2B brands on their marketing and sales strategies.

He writes extensively on B2B marketing and sales topics, all of which can be found at www.demographica.co.za/blog.

Internationally, he is a judge for the Business Marketing Association’s B2 Awards and the Global DMA’s Echo Awards. In South Africa, he was a previous Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association’s Assegai Awards and was a judge for the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Bookmark Awards.

He is a previous Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa and previously sat on the board of the Johannesburg chapter of Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) as the Marketing and Communications Chair.

Outside of Demographica, his passion is African contemporary art and he is both a private dealer, and an avid collector.