Nandus du Plessis

Founder, Crazy Ginger Consulting

One of the original digital natives and pioneers of social media marketing in South Africa, Nandus is a true global marketer who lives for finding the most unexpected but most effective solution to any problem.

As South Africa’s first brand marketer graduating summa cum laude from the Digital Marketing Institute of the United Kingdom and SABMiller PLC’s first-ever digital brand manager, Nandus has had the unique opportunity of being a key partner in guiding 2 of the world’s biggest companies through digital transformation. In 2013, a passion project: The Castle Lite Mind Reader (the world’s first automatic draught machine activated by your thoughts) was recognized by international trend reports as a best in class example of how brands can bring their proposition to life through technology.

Knowledge, skills and experience only have value when it is passed on to others; this drive enabled Nandus to create and execute one of the largest global content capability programs in only 2 years. In-person content strategy training for over 700 brand marketers, agency partners, c-suite executives and sales teams lead to over 70 brands in 35 countries adopting a digital-first approach to brand marketing.

Over 6 years Nandus was in the unique position to lead the adoption of marketing technology, most notably co-creating the first Visual Analytics platform built on performance data. Enabling marketers for the first time to understand what specific micro creative element drives what particular metric of performance. As one of the founding members of La Fabrica, later renamed Draftline, Nandus spearheaded one of ABInbev’s most significant operational changes in marketing. Designing the blueprint for the fastest growing in-house agency network resulted in 12 in-house agency offices being launched in under 18 months around the world. The third Draftline office, Draftline NYC was recently ranked the 5th best in-house agency in the world after only 2 years.

As Consumer Connections director for ABInbev Africa, Nandus created a team that puts consumer behaviour at the heart of the amplification plan, resulting in communications that are contextually relevant and creatively cut through. Under Nardus’ leadership, Draftline Johannesburg was able to grow to a first-year staff count of  55 data-driven creatives, analysts, programmers, copywriters, community managers and content creators that is quickly becoming the backbone of contextual consumer marketing This was done in under 6 months, an achievement that usually takes close to 2 years.

Nandus is a data-driven creative who firmly believes in the unbelievable potential and success that is currently present in Africa. This belief has most recently lead him to create his latest venture:

Crazy Ginger, an Africa first, consumer transformation consultancy. Within this new venture Nandus aims to be part of Africa’s journey in defining the 4th industrial revolution by championing world-class user experience and co-creating African Born Global brands.